How My Style Has Changed In One Year

2017 was the year where I really experimented with clothes to find ‘my style’ and it’s not until today, 9 days before 2018, that I think I found an aesthetic that I love and feel comfortable in. I don’t want to say that I’ve found my “personal style” because I don’t believe I’m quite there yet. There’s still a lot of experimenting to do. So let’s see how I changed in 2017… 

January 2017

What I’m Wearing:

H&M Longsleeve ribbed tee with curved hem
ASOS Hoodie
ASOS Overshirt
Liquor n Poker ripped jeans
Vans Old Skool Lite

This is actually a decent outfit to start off with. You can clearly see the street/tomboy influence in the layering of the curved hem, hoodie, and overshirt. Layering was a very big trend in late 2016/early 2017 and of course, I jumped on the bandwagon and attempted layering. This was something that I struggled with because menswear is not easy to pull off when you’re fivefoottwoandahalf so when I found the H&M tee, I wore it with everything – hoodies, sweatshirts, and even t-shirts!

Would I wear this now?

I absolutely love the overshirt and the shoes and I think they are very nice pieces individually. Would I wear them together? Possibly. Would I wear the whole outfit again? Probably not. I do think that the off white colour of the hoodie pairs really nicely with the nude pink colour of the overshirt so I’d definitely change the hoodie to a plain sweatshirt and get rid of the curved hem tee. The jeans would also have to go. I rarely wear skinny jeans let alone ripped skinny jeans nowadays so I’d maybe opt for pinstripe trousers instead.


What I’m Wearing:

The Weeknd Starboy Tour XO Cap
H&M Longsleeve ribbed tee with curved hem
The Weeknd x H&M Tee
ZaraMan Distressed Denim Jacket
H&M Joggers in Black
CDG x Converse


At the time, this was one of my favourite outfits I’d ever put together and looking back now, I can kind of see why I’d think that. The colours go really nicely together and the layering is done quite well. For the first half of the year, I was really into caps and wore one in every outfit. This was actually one of my favourite caps and I wore it pretty much every day. I quickly grew out of that habit when I cut my hair short though and I haven’t worn a cap since!

Would I wear this now?

It’s the same with the previous outfit, I’d keep wearing the jacket and the shoes (possibly even together) but the rest of the fit is… meh. They don’t really have a very flattering fit to them and I’m not a massive fan of wearing joggers out anymore. I just feel like this fit is very lazy and there are so many ways I could’ve styled the shoes or the jacket or even the t shirt. I still think it’s a nice outfit regardless.

July 2017

What I’m Wearing:

H&M tee
H&M jeans
Adidas Ultraboost in Core Black


Due to all of my tees being made for layering, a lot of them were very long so when Summer came, they were too long to wear on their own without looking like a dress. I didn’t want to buy more t shirts just for the summer so I started tucking in my tees, and the rest is history! No seriously… since then, I haven’t gone back. I think it gives a much cleaner look and gives you more flattering proportions than layering. This also started the pin-rolling days for me and I still find myself wearing pin-rolled jeans.

Would I wear this again?

Yes. I’d change the shoes and the fit of the jeans but this is something I’d still rock on a casual day.

September 2017

What I’m Wearing:

AllSaints Tee
Pull&Bear Pinstripe Trousers
Vans Old Skool



I think this was a real turning point in terms of my aesthetic and style. This is a very clean look and everything looks like it fits me well. It’s very simple but it’s effective because you really can’t go wrong with an almost all black outfit. The white socks make the whole outfit pop. This is definitely the point where I started becoming more confident and comfortable with the way I dress and it shows! If you had told me in January that this is an outfit I’d put together, I wouldn’t believe you. That’s what I call character development!

Would I wear this again?

Definitely! This is an outfit that I would throw on and feel good in. I really don’t think there’s anything I would change in this outfit. If anything, I’d just keep adding! Perhaps some colour would be nice… a jacket or a different coloured t shirt.


What I’m Wearing:

AllSaints Tee in Black
ASOS Pinstripe Shirt
Pull&Bear Puffer Jacket
Bershka Trousers
Nike Air Force 1


I personally really love this outfit. Everything just complements each other in terms of the fit and colours. If you had bought me a puffer jacket in September, I would laugh and tell you to get a refund. I’ve always been scared of really big, puffy jackets because I’m fivefoottwoandahalf and I’d drown in it. But I love this puffer jacket so much and the grey colour is so nice! It’s so refreshing to wear colours other than black and I think this Pull&Bear puffer jacket is a nice standout piece. In December, I also learned to stop pin-rolling as much and let my trousers sit on my shoes and to be quite honest… I’m really liking it!

Would I wear it again?

Absolutely! I love the pieces individually and I think they all work well together. The AF1s are my favourite pair at the moment and the puffer jacket is saving me from the cold this winter. And I’ll always be a big fan of pinstripes!

So… that’s been my year in outfits. I want to say that my outfits now look like they’ve had more thought put into them. I’ve definitely come a long way from layering poorly fitting clothes to a more carefully put together and well-proportioned outfit. Gone are the days of ripped skinny jeans, joggers, and hoodies, and I’m saying hello to loose-fitting trousers and more colours! I recently bought a pair of beige trousers from Uniqlo and I’m so excited to see what outfits I can come up with.

This is my last post of the year so to those celebrating, I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Stay updated on my Instagram and Twitter. See you all in 2018 x

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