Menswear Fashion Trend Predictions In 2018

Happy new year to you! I hope you’ve had a great time celebrating the end of 2017 and the start of what could be a pretty big year in fashion, particularly in menswear. 2017 saw the rise and fall of many trends and brands and the same is expected in 2018. Last year, we saw the huge influx of puffer jackets, ugly dad sneakers, and man-bags. So what’s in my menswear fashion trend predictions in 2018?

Let’s talk about my predictions for 2018…

1. Cropped clothing – trousers as well as tees/sweatshirts

I spoke about this in my latest blogpost but layering is definitely a thing of the past now, and I hope 2018 is the year where it gets buried deep under the archives of hypebeasts’ Instagram profiles. Cropped trousers have already started to surface with many moving from distressed skinny jeans to cropped, slim fitting trousers. I’m definitely going to keep my eye on a few cropped trousers, especially from Weekday and Uniqlo. Raw cut off jeans may also become popular in SS18. As well as that, I’ve seen a lot of cropped sweatshirts from high-end brands like Raf Simons and Vetements so there’s no doubt that high street retailers will jump on this trend and make it accessible for everyone.

Michal is wearing:
Shirt: Jack and Jones; Jacket: Levis Corduroy Jacket; Belt: Levis; Trousers: H&M (tailored by michal); Shoes: Dr Martens

2. Loose fitting pieces – trousers, tees, jackets…

I’m sure everyone owns at least one “oversized” item of clothing and I don’t think we’ve seen the last of it. However, I’d love to see more loose-fitted clothing with better shape and tailoring to them instead of just “oversized”. In particular, I want to see more straight, loose, and wide fitted jeans and trousers in 2018! These have already flooded Instagram and I’m interested to see the direction it goes in this year. Will they get more cropped? More loose? Wider?

3. Smartwear

This is something that I’ve always found aesthetically pleasing but have never implemented into my own style. In 2018, I definitely think we’ll see a lot more trousers, turtle/mocknecks, and overshirts. It will be interesting to see how smartwear mixes with streetwear – I think we’ll see a lot of fitted trousers paired with oversized shirts. I personally can’t wait for smartwear to be more incorporated into everyday wear.

Michal is wearing:
Shirt: Midnight studios; Trousers: Wemoto; Shoes: Vans Old Skool Velcro

5. Colours – bold colours, colour blocking

2018 will be the most colourful year yet! I want to see an influx of bright, bold colours – royal blue, purple, yellow, red – in tees, sweaters, jackets, sneakers, and even trousers. Maybe this is just wishful thinking because I’m trying to build a more colourful wardrobe… but I expect to see bright mountain jackets, colourful rugby polo shirts, and ugly dad sneakers in weird colourways.

Michal is wearing:
Shirt: Supreme; Jacket: Unbranded; Trousers: H&M (tailored by Michal); Shoes: Dr Martens

6. Tartan/Check – trousers in particular

Tartan and check patterns have always been trendy, particular in shirts and scarves. But in 2018, I expect tartan pants to be huge! With smartwear becoming increasingly popular, office trousers will be in and tartan trousers will definitely have a place in stores. In fact, I’ve already seen a few floating around in stores. I’m looking for a pair of red tartan trousers so if anyone knows where I can buy a pair, shoot a link my way!

… and some 2017 trends that will still be popular in 2018:

7. Ugly dad sneakers – Triple S, Wave Runners, etc

This year, Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers, Raf Simons x Adidas Ozweego and the Yeezy Wave Runner 700s were the some of the most popular dad shoes. High street retailers like Zara, have already released their own version of dad sneakers and no doubt other brands will also keep jumping on the trend. Whether you love them or hate them, the chunky sneaker silhouette is here to stay.

8. Tucked-in Tees

2017 was the year where tucking in tees became trendy and popular, and it’ll definitely still be a thing this year. The days of FOG layering is over and as formalwear becomes more and more popular, before you know it, everyone will be rocking tucked-in tees. That’s just how it goes, I’m guilty of it too. I’ve seen a few people tucking in sweatshirts and hoodies so perhaps that’s the next trend, although I don’t know if I’m a fan yet..

Michal is wearing:
Tee: Ralph Lauren; Belt: Levis; Chain; palace; Trousers: H&M

9. Man bags, fanny packs, or whatever you want to call them

I actually call them bum bags but I’m sure you or someone you know has one of these. To be honest, a majority of the reason why they’re so popular is the fact that they’re really useful to have, especially if you’re a festival/concert-goer. They’re conveniently small and fashionable enough to complete an outfit. For that reason, I think they’ll remain popular in 2018.

10. Pinstripes and Checkerboards

Pinstripes were very popular in 2017, trousers in particular. I own a pair from Pull&Bear and I love them. So many high street and high-end retailers have released pinstripe trousers and this will continue to 2018. Not only that, pinstripe bowling shirts have increased in popularity and there’s no sign of slowing down as they’re set to be very popular in SS18. The same thing can be said with checkerboard trousers or “chef pants” – they seem to be in high demand at the moment! Not to mention checkerboard Vans are still a classic shoe. Catch me in checkerboard in 2018…

Michal is wearing:
Tee: Gosha Rubchinskiy; Shirt: Jack and Jones; Trousers: Cheap Monday; Shoes: Vans Old Skool

So those are my 10 menswear fashion trend predictions for 2018! Of course, I have left out quite a few that are bound to be “the next big thing” but these are just the top 10 that I personally would love to see and would wear myself.

This post was in collaboration with my friend, Michal. I would like to say a huge thank you to him for providing me with all of the images used in this post. You can follow his Instagram here. If you would like to collaborate with me on a future post, send me an email or drop me a Direct Message on Instagram.

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