January Favourites

This month has been a busy month for me in terms of University assignments and deadlines but it has also been a month full of bits and pieces that I’ve been loving in fashion, music, and film. Many took advantage of the January sales, but I stayed away and focused on getting rid of clothes before buying new ones. With music, I’ve been listening to my old favourites as well as some new artists I’ve been recommended! When it comes to TV and Film, I’m not much of a film junkie but I can probably out-binge most people – this month, I’ve been loving murder… So let’s talk about my January Favourites!

What have I been loving?


Uniqlo Women’s Smart Style Ankle Length Trousers – Beige

These are the first pair of trousers that was out of my comfort zone and made me really experiment with my personal style. I’ve received so many compliments when wearing these and only now, after wearing them a few times, can I see why. The fit of them is perfect and very flattering – I stayed true to my waist size, and of course, they are a little bit too long for me but that’s expected! If you’re average height, these will be a nice length. These can be dressed down with low top sneakers or dressed up with a pair of boots. Read this post if you’re looking for some inspiration. I’d definitely recommend Uniqlo if you’re looking to buy any similar trousers – very good quality for a very good price!

ASOSMan Denim Jacket – Mid Wash

This is undoubtedly my most worn item of clothing this season and I’m just so in love with it! The colour is the perfect wash and the fit is a nice oversized on me. I’ve worn this with hoodies, sweatshirts, and even just tees when the weather allows it. I find the quality to be pretty good and its thickness has kept me warm this winter, so I couldn’t recommend it enough! It has now (unsurprisingly) sold out but I’ve attached a link of similar denim jackets in this colourway.

H&M Man ‘Loose Tee’ – Pink and Navy

I bought these two t-shirts on the rare occasion that I go in-store and actually buy something. Weirdly, t-shirts are hard for me to buy as I’m a little picky about the fit, the colour, and the length. But as soon as I saw these two colourways, I immediately wanted to buy them. The ‘loose fit’ tees are a lot heavier and thicker than the normal H&M tee so these will be perfect for the Spring. These aren’t available online so check in-store to see if they still have them in stock!


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas Hi-Top – Black

These shoes speak for themselves to be honest – everyone knows that the Chuck Taylors are a classic and timeless pair of shoes. I bought myself a fresh pair of black hi-tops back in November and this month, I have loved wearing them out! If you don’t already own one, go and get yourself a pair of these classics and challenge yourself to them with more than just skinny jeans. I’ve been wearing them with straight cropped jeans and trousers to complement the Chuck’s slim silhouette.

Nike Air Force 1 – White

The AF1s have featured so much on my Instagram that I don’t think anyone is surprised that this pair has made it onto my January favourites! These are my first pair of chunkier trainers and initially, it took a while to decide whether this was flattering for people with smaller feet or not. However, with the right cut of trousers, the AF1s actually look really nice on smaller feet (I have size UK 3-4!). They’re very comfortable and if you go for the all white colourway, you can get a lot of wear with them! I’d recommend going at least a half size down on these.


ASOS MAN Plain Band Pinky Ring – Silver

If you follow me on Instagram or read my blog, you’d notice that I rarely wear accessories apart from my two necklaces and rings. Recently, I’ve wanted to explore more with accessories and really create ‘finished’ and ‘complete’ looks. However, I’m very picky with rings as some can look tacky and others just really aren’t my personal style. So when I found this minimal pinky ring from ASOS, I really haven’t taken it off! It’s just so simple and clean, but everything is in the small details.

ASOS MAN 2 Pack Faux Leather Smart Slim Belt – Black and Brown

Belts are often an understated piece in an outfit. Since I stopped layering as much and started tucking in my tees, I’ve noticed that this has put more emphasis on the beltline. So this month, I bought these belts from ASOS in black and brown, which definitely work really well with most of the trousers that I currently own. For the price I paid, these are pretty good quality and function well.

In Music:

‘American Teen’ – Khalid

Khalid is honestly one of my favourite artists at the moment, and this month has seen nothing but constant replays of his album! Ask my housemates, they probably know all of the words too. His soulful and angelic voice has gotten me through not just this month but all of winter. I was lucky enough to be able to see him live in November and it was one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen. You can tell he loves what he does and believes in his art. If you haven’t given him a chance, download the album and listen to nothing else. Also, don’t even get me started on the Grammys…

‘Sonder Son’ – Brent Faiyaz

This album was recommended to me and I’m so thankful to the person who introduced me to Brent and ‘Sonder Son’ (thanks Hamza!). It’s such an incredible album of relatable lyrics sang with the smoothest of voices. ‘Sonder Son’ is one of those albums you chill out to on the daily! So, so underrated. Can’t wait to see what projects he releases this year.

On Netflix:

‘The End of The F***ing World’

Through its beautiful cinematography and well-chosen soundtrack, Alyssa (Jessica Barden) and James (Alex Lawer) play the two teen protagonists in what NME rightly calls a “quirky teen drama”. James, a self-proclaimed psychopath, and Alyssa, an angst teenager, run away from home in the hopes of finding her father. On their road trip, they get themselves caught up into messy situations. Free up an afternoon/evening on your calendar for this eight-part series! PS, I want everything in James’ wardrobe.

So… that’s my month in fashion, music, and film! As I said, I’ve tried to hold off on buying new clothes until I’ve given away/sold some of the pieces that I don’t wear anymore. If you’re interested in buying any of my stuff, check out my Depop! And feel free to suggest any new music/TV shows – I’d love to know what you guys are into. I decided to include music and film in my Monthly Favourites because I wanted to mix things up a bit and include lifestyle-ish posts. Let me know if this is something you want to see more of, or if you think I should just stick to fashion!

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