OOTD: Patterned Trousers and Doc Martens

It’s been a while since I last did an Outfit of the Day post and it’s fair to say that my wardrobe has gone through many changes since then. Recently, I’ve been adding lots of variety in my outfits to really experiment with my style, especially with different cuts, colours, and silhouettes. On my Instagram, I’ve been posting daily outfit photos which has challenged me to really step out of my comfort zone and try new ways of wearing certain pieces. This outfit is a perfect example of this.

H&M Polo-neck Top, Women’s Size X-Small – Black, £12.99

This is only the second turtleneck top I’ve ever owned and I’m really liking the way it elongates my body. I’ve previously worn it underneath shirts, t-shirts, and even crewneck jumpers so it’s definitely worth investing in a turtleneck. I think I’ll still get a lot of wear between the Winter and Spring seasons.

In this outfit, the polo-neck top works especially well with the shape of the trousers and the shoes by keeping it smart and sleek. The simple black colour makes way for the patterned trousers, which is definitely the statement piece of this outfit. My topwear is usually oversized so I’m still trying to get used to the tightness of the polo-neck top but I really love the way it fits on me.

ASOSMan Corduroy Jacket, Men’s X-X-Small – RRP £35, bought on sale £24.50

When I first pictured this outfit, I didn’t know what jacket would work well as most of my jackets are oversized. For a jacket to work, it would have to be just a little oversized and well-fitting. Of course, in the Spring, this outfit would work sans-jacket but it’s still a little too cold for that!

This corduroy jacket is the perfect choice for this outfit due to the texture it gives, which matches perfectly with the pattern of the trousers. This jacket doesn’t take away from the other pieces, and instead just sits perfectly in combination with the brown colours of the trousers, tie, and belt. It also maintains the smart-casual vibe that I try to go for in most of the outfits recently. 

Pull&Bear Checked Tailored Trousers, Women’s Size X-Small – on sale £9.99

For the longest time, I’ve been looking for some patterned trousers that are the right shape, cut, and colour, and these could not be closer to perfect! These were out of stock online so I tried my luck in store and managed to grab the last pair on sale for £9.99. These are my second trousers from Pull & Bear and for this price, they’re a bargain.

These trousers are loud and a lot baggier than my usual trousers but I actually really like them. They’re so comfortable to wear and are light enough to see me through the Spring/Summer season. In this OOTD, I’ve paired them really simply with black pieces to highlight the brown, grey, and purple accents of the trousers. The polo-neck and the corduroy jacket along with the shoes all have a very slim shape which accentuates the bagginess of the trousers. I also love how cropped they are without having the pin-roll them like I do with most of my trousers. The trousers actually came with a matching belt which, as you can see from the photos, I turned into a tie.


Personally, I’ve never really liked using laces as belts because I just think they look a bit weird and messy dangling between your legs. So I changed the belt lace with a simple ASOSMan Brown belt and it honestly looks a lot cleaner. As for using the belt as a tie.. well… I think it looks pretty sick! I’ve never worn a suit or had a reason to wear a tie but I’m kind of liking it in this outfit. It was an impulsive decision that turned out looking pretty nice. 

Dr Martens For Life 1461, Size UK 4 – Black, RRP £175, bought on eBay for £55

For the longest time, I have wanted a pair of Dr Martens in the 1461 model but I always second guessed dropping £115-£175 on a type of shoe that I’ve never really rocked before. I’m into my sneakers and that’s all that I’ve ever known, so I’ve held out on getting a pair until recently when I saw them listed brand new on eBay for a steal price of £55! I’d recommend going a size down in these as they fit very big.

This outfit is pretty smart so I decided to get my 1461s out and I just really love the silhouette it creates. The shape of the Doc Martens just works so well with the tightness of the turtleneck, and the cropped trousers sit just high enough above the shoes. What I also love is the yellow stitching on the shoes which complement well with the Earthy colour of the trousers and belt.

As you can probably tell, this outfit very different to my usual style – it’s a lot smarter and fitted than my other fits. In all honesty, I’m really liking it. I feel comfortable in my current style at the moment, inter-changing between streetwear and smart-casual. This definitely falls in the latter category. It’s also the most items from the women’s section in one outfit that I’ve ever put on and this year, I really want to explore more ways to mix menswear with womenswear.

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