February Favourites 2018

While January felt like a whole calendar year long, February seems to have lasted a good two minutes! So what made it into my February favourites? February saw many outfits with colourful shirts in an attempt to add more colour to my wardrobe as the Spring/Summer season approaches. This month, I was also lucky enough to visit The Netherlands on a short trip to Amsterdam. As well as this, I have spent much of February binge-watching teen comedies on Netflix. I know, productive right?

In Clothes, I’ve been loving…

H&M Polo-neck Top

This has been an awfully cold month which actually ended in snow. Snow! Can you believe it?! So I’ve spent A LOT of my days wearing this turtleneck and it has been an absolute lifesaver. It fits me so well and looks great with many of the items in my wardrobe – I’ve been wearing it with tees, sweatshirts, and jackets! I love the versatility of turtlenecks and would love to buy more in other colours… I’m thinking maybe khaki, navy, and beige.

Dr Martens 1461 For Life

This is honestly one of my favourite buys in a really long time. I’ve wanted a pair of ‘smarter’ shoes like the 1461 model but since I own mostly sneakers, I didn’t know whether I’d be able to pull it off. But after wearing them a couple of times, I am absolutely in love with them! I’ve received so many compliments when wearing this pair.

ASOS Vintage Wash Shirts: Orange, Purple

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d notice that this month I have been wearing quite a few shirts… perhaps too many. Shirts are just such an easy way to layer up and add some colour to your outfits – something that I’ve been wanting to get better at. These two ASOS Man shirts have been some of my favourite items this month because of their colour, quality, fit, and overall look! In fact, I’ve actually bought more in other colourways so look out for those in future blogposts.

Dr Denim Blue Jeans

For quite some time now, I’ve been after a pair of blue jeans for the Spring/Summer season where you definitely don’t want to be wearing black. But as I said in my last blogpost, I’m very picky when it comes to blue denim. However, this pair from Dr Denim hits all the right spots! It feels like great quality (definitely a step up from H&M and the like) that comes at a reasonable price. I cannot wait to wear these a lot more in the coming months.

My favourite place this month was…

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This month, I was lucky enough to visit Amsterdam for a couple of days and I was amazed by everything I saw – the architecture, the canals, the number of cyclists (!!!). I also got the chance to go on a guided tour of the Van Gogh Museum and it was absolutely incredible. Fortunately, it wasn’t too crowded and we could explore the museum at our own pace. One of my favourites was the flea market filled with vintage items and souvenirs. Though I was tempted, I didn’t buy any of the vintage clothes (limited luggage space) but I’ll be sure to come back next time!

This month’s binge-worthy shows were…

Everything Sucks!

Set in the 90s, this teen comedy narrates the lives of high school kids from the A/V Club and the Drama club coming together to film a movie in their town, Boring. Yes, it’s a real place. And yes, there are jokes about it. Kate Messner, the daughter of the principal of Boring High School, goes on a journey of self-discovery as she explores her sexuality. ‘Everything Sucks!’ is funny, wonderfully acted, and charmingly predictable.

And my favourite Instagram account this month was…


Dave is one of my favourite Instagram accounts for several reasons beyond just his personal style. His personal style can be best described as smart streetwear with a dash of colour. @lovesimplydave rocks his blazers with colourful trackpants and he makes it work! That’s why he’s my favourite for this month – his positive vibes and words of wisdom separate him from the rest. His content goes above and beyond outfit posts. I love the authenticity of his engagement with his followers as well as how clear it is that he has a genuine passion for what he does and the content he creates.

Those are some of my favourites in February! It’s definitely been a month filled with nice pieces and a lot of binge watching happened. Let me know what you think of my February Favourites! I cannot wait to see what March has in store…

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