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Coeli Uy

A 19-year-old female interested in menswear, fashion, and style. My style can be best described as androgynous, with a taste of masculinity mixed with a little femininity. This blog shows the ways any gender could style clothes, and aims to break gender stereotypes on clothing. Since I’m a female wearing menswear, I want to inspire other women to experiment with menswear a lot more, and for men to take inspiration from my style.

Currently, I’m studying English Literature and Linguistics at University. I’m based in Brighton and Oxford.

For reference: my true size in Men’s clothes is X-Small for a regular fit/Small for an oversized fit, UK 8 in Women’s clothing, and UK 3.5 in Shoes. Please note: all of the clothing discussed on this blog are menswear unless stated otherwise.

All opinions are my own. All images are my own unless stated otherwise.

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Email: fivefoottwoandahalf@hotmail.com