Reading Festival, Saturday

First of all, if you had weekend tickets for Reading and Leeds Festival then I am very jealous! This year’s line-up was incredible, with Kasabian and Muse headlining and Bastille, Halsey, and You Me At Six performing across the weekend. However, my heart was set on seeing Eminem live. I can’t even remember the last time Slim Shady performed in the UK, so I was definitely not missing out on Saturday, especially as Migos and Major Lazer were also on Main Stage.

Migos were everything you’d expected them to be – hyped, crazy, messy – except, they were without Quavo. And because it was so hyped and crazy, there were mosh pits forming left, right, and centre… quite literally! I’ve never been a fan of mosh pits as I think they’re more dangerous than the injuries after are worth, so after being caught between two mosh pits and nearly losing my right shoe and actually losing my friends during the first song, I escaped the crowd. Barely. They performed every song you’d expect them to, and I guarantee you’ll have heard of at least a few of them.

I’ve been vibing to Major Lazer since around 2012. At the start of their set, we were several rows from the front, but a couple of mosh pits later, we were second row. Major Lazer actually asked the crowd to stop moshing… imagine that! They were absolutely insane and the crowd was nuts.

And then, finally… Marshall Mathers appeared on stage. I very rarely get star struck but I found it very hard to believe that Eminem was performing in front of me, and I was basically front row! He played all of his classics – you name it and he probably performed it. Some of my favourites were: Like Toy Soldiers, Love The Way You Lie, Kill You, 3Am, Not Afraid, Lose Yourself. The whole of Reading sang, rapped, screamed, and yelled every single lyric of his songs – I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else during his set. Eminem is one of the artists I didn’t know I wanted to see live until the opportunity came, because… well… he’s Eminem! His stage presence was unreal. Let me show you what I mean.

If you’ve ever been front row then you’ll know the struggles of sound quality on your recorded videos, but it was still such an amazing experience to be able to see one of the greatest of all time.

He even got us to chant “Fuck Trump”: when I say “fuck”, you say “Trump”! FUCK. TRUMP. Mathers also donned a “FACK TRUMP” tee and Y-3 shorts. What more could you want? Maybe that new album he’s been talking about… plus a UK tour.

This was my first time at Reading Festival and I would recommend it to any music lover. What I love about festivals, especially Reading Festival, is that it’s probably the only time you’ll see artists like Major Lazer and Korn perform on the same stage! Tickets for Reading and Leeds Festival 2018 are available to buy now.

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