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This is definitely one of my favourite outfits I’ve ever done, and I think it’s got something to do with the fact that there is no better feeling than wearing new clothes for the first time! I love the transition from Summer to Autumn because it’s not hot enough to go out in just a tee and it’s not yet cold enough to put on a million layers.

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Tee: Magnus Ronning ‘Bloom’ Tee £35

Chain: 925 Sterling Silver Box Chain, FeatherPendants, £25

Jacket: Harrington Jacket thrifted from Vintage Store, Loot Brighton, £24

Trousers: Tailored jogging trousers, Bershka, £19.99

Sneakers: Comme des Garcons Play x Converse Low Black, £95

My tee is from Magnus Ronning’s Bloom collection – I’ve briefly spoken about Magnus in a previous blog post but let me tell you more about him and this collection. Magnus Ronning is a Youtuber and an all round fashion guy. With his brand Ronning, he’s released two collections: Syndicate and Bloom. As well as my Rose tee, the collection also consisted of Rose bombers and Lily tee and bomber. Priced at £35, the black tee quickly became one of my favourites – the embroidery is so nice and the fit is perfect. I went for a Small and it fits a nice oversized on me. After missing out on the initial Bloom drop, I’m so happy I managed to cop one. What I love about it is that Magnus steered away from printing a simple logo or text and selling it for the sake of making money. You might find some on sale here.

I don’t usually wear necklaces as the ones I like are way too long because they’re men’s and you know… I’m fivefoottwoandahalf. It’s also so hard to find a necklace with a pendant that isn’t cliche so eventually, I just gave up. After seeing a few people wearing rings from FeatherPendants, I searched them on Instagram and can you believe it? They were about to release their new collection and they just happen to be selling Sterling Silver Chains and at such an affordable price of £25! You can buy the chain at lengths that suit you (18″ – 30″) – I bought the 20″ and admittedly, I should’ve gone a size up but I’m still so happy with it. Since copping this chain, I’ve gone from wearing no jewellery to never taking it off! FeatherPendants is a brand I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to add a little bit of character to their outfits (and trust me, it will) whether it’s rings or necklaces that you’re after. The owner is also such a sound guy!

Even though my wardrobe mainly consists of outerwear, I have never owned a Harrington Jacket. It’s a staple piece in anyone’s wardrobe because it’s just so timeless. I actually bought two Harrington Jackets from Topman – one in plain black and one in navy pinstripe – and I initially returned the navy pinstripe jacket as I preferred the plain black, but when I was looking around in the many vintage shops of The Lanes, I saw this in Loot. The shop owner told me that their Harrington Jackets were reduced from £35 to £24 so I already knew that I would buy one if they had my size. I went for a Small on this as well and it’s a nice oversized fit, with enough room to layer with a jumper on colder days. It feels a lot sturdier than both the Topman jackets and I prefer the check lining on this Vintage one. I also prefer the funnel collar to the spread collar that other Harrington Jackets have.

When you’re fivefoottwoandahalf, it’s so hard to find a pair of jeans or trousers that will fit you – the length might be perfect but there’s no chance it will fit past your thighs, or you’ll find the perfect waist and end up with crying about how short your legs are. After buying endless pairs of black jeans and spending hours watching Magnus Ronning’s videos, I decided that I needed some loose trousers to switch it up a bit. These Bershka tailored jogging trousers are the perfect fit on my waist and legs! I bought them in an X-Small. They have the right amount of looseness to them, without washing me out and making me look shorter than I already am. I’m still not confident about wearing trousers because I’m so used to skinny jeans but I’m starting to get used to them after this fit.

It’s very rare that I get the chance to actually cop one of my grails because they’re either sold out or too expensive. Since buying the Comme des Garcons Play x Converse High in the White colourway earlier this year, I have been wanting to buy the Low in Black. Recently, Dover Street Market had a restock of all the Play Converses and after wanting it for so long, there was no question about it. They are already up there with my favourite shoes of all time and dare I say I prefer these to the Highs. I just think they’re a nice alternative to my Vans Old Skools. The Converse silhouette is just such a classic that it will never go out of fashion. Some sizes on DSM are already out of stock so if you want to buy a pair, and I highly recommend you do, cop it as soon as possible!

The whole outfit goes so well together, with the red contrasting very nicely with the black. I’ve been pin-rolling all of my trousers/jeans recently and I think this pair looks so nice cut just above the cdg x converses. One thing that I’ve also liked doing is tucking in my tees, and in this particular outfit, I think it gives it a much cleaner look, especially with the oversized fit of the Harrington Jacket. The checked lining is complemented well by red roses and the cdg heart. And to finish off the look, I wore my FeatherPendants chain to add a little bit of detail to an otherwise plain outfit.

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