Concert: the Future HNDRXX Tour, Manchester Academy

Every concert/gig/festival I’ve been to has been in and around London/Brighton, with the exception of The Weeknd in Birmingham. But my friend lives up North so it made sense to go to travel up to Manchester for the weekend. It honestly was the best decision we could’ve made – neither of us had ever been Manchester so we were curious to see what the city was like and what the crowd would be like. The city was full of life and the crowd was the best crowd I’d ever been in. Manchester Academy absolutely smashed it for me.

The show opened with four guests acts (Ace Tee & Kwam.E, Zoey Dollaz, Stefflon Don, Rich The Kid) who performed for roughly 20 minutes each. Admittedly, I’d never really listened to any of these artists apart from Stefflon Don who I’d seen earlier this year at Wild Life Festival. Having said that, all the opening acts set the scene for Future, especially Rich The Kid who had the crowd going nuts for every song.

Future’s setlist mostly included:


Same Damn Time


Move That Dope

Freak Hoe

Thought It Was A Drought

Stick Talk



New Level

Real Sisters

Fuck Up Some Commas

I’m So Groovy

Low Life

Mask Off

March Madness

I loved that he played songs from different albums instead of just sticking to his most recent ones. It didn’t matter if you’d only listened to one album or four because every song was so hyped and the atmosphere was so sick. The setlist was crafted to perfection. Some of my favourites were: Bugatti, Thought It Was A Drought, Fuck Up Some Commas, Low Life, Blasé.





One thing I want to mention is that I thought his transitions between the songs could’ve been slightly better – I felt as though he’d build the momentum only to end it abruptly to move on to the next song. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.


Manchester Academy, I salute you! That was honestly the best crowd I’d ever been in – from the very beginning to the end, everyone was just vibing! I’ve never seen so many mosh pits form in my life, and at one point, there was no music playing and the crowd was still moshing. F*cking vibes! It’s fair to say that the concert wouldn’t have been half as good if the crowd weren’t as hyped as Manchester was. And yes, I nearly lost my shoes again. And you’re right, it was my Old Skool Vans. And of course they’re ruined. If the journey from Brighton to Manchester wasn’t so long, I’d definitely consider travelling for more gigs and concerts in the future.

On the day of this concert, Future and Young Thug released a project together called Super Slimey, and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s been the cure to my concert blues.

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