Comfortable in Black and White

So I have quite a bit of explaining to do… Where have I been?! Honestly, everywhere and nowhere. I was very poorly for two weeks, traveled to Milan and Paris for a week, and had two University assignments to do. That’s kind of why the blog has taken a backseat for the last three weeks, but I’ve also just been feeling a little uninspired in terms of writing and fashion/music. In terms of fashion, I’ve just been seeing the same style replicated a thousand times on Instagram, and it’s just… boring. With music, I haven’t listened to any new stuff for a while, apart from Jaden Smith’s Syre. That was fire.

My mood affects the way I dress – some days I want to experiment a lot more with the clothes I wear, particularly tones and colour palettes but other days, I go back to my comfort zone of an all black fit. Black is the easiest colour to wear and pairing it with white can never go wrong.


Gildan White Hoodie – Men’s Small, bought from Amazon, £7-£9

If you’re looking for a cheap hoodie or jumper, try browsing Amazon for Gildan blanks because they’re actually very good quality for the price you pay. Depending on the size and colour you buy, the price for a hoodie/jumper would be around £7-9. I went for a size Small in this hoodie and it fits me a good oversized so I would recommend you staying true to size (TTS) or size up if you want it baggy! The hoodie was actually a lot softer than I thought it would be, though having said that, I haven’t washed it yet so some of the softness might disappear with the stains (zoom in and you’ll see a few already). It’s also worth mentioning that I wore a black tee underneath this hoodie and all the fluff has come off the hoodie and onto the tee. I’d recommend washing before wearing.

ZaraMan Black Distressed Denim Jacket – Men’s Medium, bought from Zara 2016, £25 sale

This is arguably my most worn piece of the last year. I bought it in the Zara sale last year and it’s seen me through all of the seasons! It’s a Medium with a regular fit so it fits me slightly oversized which means I can wear it with just a tee, or like in this fit, a hoodie as well. Black denim jackets are so easy to throw on, especially in Autumn when you’re not quite sure what the weather will be like. The quality of the jacket is very good considering there are no signs of wear and tear on them yet. Last year, I was very into distressed denim but now I kind of wish the jacket didn’t have any distressing on them – I rarely, if ever, wear my distressed/ripped jeans anymore so I think a regular denim jacket would suit my current style a lot more.



Monki Monokomi Cropped Straight Jeans – W26, bought from ASOS, £35

The days of skinny jeans are (nearly) long gone for me. Loose and straight jeans/trousers are all I’ve been wearing since buying these Monki jeans. You know when you find the jeans and you literally don’t wear any other jeans for a week? Yeah, that’s how I feel about these. These were the perfect waist and length, however, when I got ill for two weeks, I lost my appetite and dropped quite a bit of weight… so, unfortunately, these don’t fit me as well as they used to, but it’s nothing that a belt can’t fix! These are now out of stock but there are similar pairs on ASOS at around the same price point. For £35, these jeans are definitely worth it – there’s no sign of discolouring so far and for how often I wear them, they’ve definitely done well to stay intact!

Adidas NMD R1 Triple White – Size UK 4, bought from END. Clothing, £110

These NMDs are probably one of my favourite pairs of shoes that I own. 2017 was a big year for Adidas NMDs with the release of many different colourways and styles. I actually won the raffle for these on END. Clothing when they got released, but I think they sat on shelves for a while after, whereas the triple blacks were sold out on release day. I’m usually between a UK 3 and 4, but these fit great and the boost technology is just second to none. Admittedly, I’ve only worn these a handful of times because I’ve been too scared to ruin the white mesh but you’ve got to wear your sneakers! I’m definitely going to start wearing these a lot more now… If you want a pair, your best bet is eBay or the NMDTalk Facebook Group.

This is such a simple outfit but the different pieces work well together to achieve a clean look. Pairing a hoodie with a denim jacket is a combo that you can play around with quite a bit – you could pick a different coloured hoodie/denim jacket or even layer the denim jacket with a zip hoodie and a tee shirt. The loose fitting of the jeans works really well with the oversized fit of the hoodie and jacket, as I think skinny jeans would look a little out of place. The pin-rolled jeans make way for the triple white NMDs which go so well with the white hoodie to finish off the look.







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