Double Denim: Mid Blue Wash

Double denim is possibly one of the most difficult to pull off as it relies on certain shades complementing each other. With the many shades of blue denim, it’s particularly hard to find the right denim wash of jackets and jeans. For the best part of the Autumn/Winter seasons, I’ve been loving my ASOS Man Denim Jacket in a Mid Blue Wash. And this month, I bought my first pair of blue denim jeans in a very long time – this particular pair is an ‘Acid Dark Blue’! Since then, I have been wanting to experiment with the two pieces and wearing them together in one outfit to try double denim for the first time.

Details of the outfit:

Sweatshirt: Thrifted from ToBewornagain brighton
Denim Jacket: ASOS Man
Belt: ASOS Man
Chain: eBay
Jeans: Dr Denim
Shoes: Nike air force one

Finding the right denim wash – Mid Wash Blue

There’s a reason why this pair from Dr Denim is my first for a long time, and that’s because I’m very picky about the exact wash of blue denim. Some are too light while others are just way too dark. So for me, the denim jacket and the jeans are the perfect wash. The mid wash blue complements me really well as the darker colour works nicely with my skin tone. There are so many different washes of denim so you can achieve the double denim look to suit your own personal style – it’s just important to find two washes that don’t clash or work against each other.

The obvious tip with styling double denim is to find two pieces with the same wash – you can easily do this with light/dark wash blue denim, white denim, and black denim. That may sound easy but with the many different shades of blue/white/black, it’s going to take a lot of effort and money searching for the exact shades, especially with blue denim. So it’s better to wear shades that differ slightly to create a small but effective contrast to your outfit. The bigger the difference in washes, the less likely it’ll work as nicely.

How do I style it?

In an outfit like this, all of the attention is on the double denim so the other pieces must be pretty simple and plain. If wearing double black denim, you can wear it with colourful tees/sweatshirts/hoodies to give the outfit some character. Whilst a double white denim would work better with other white pieces. It’s as important to choose your topwear carefully as it is your footwear – keep your shoes nice and simple so as not to take away from the real statements of the outfit.

I styled my outfit with a grey crewneck that I thrifted from a vintage store in Brighton called ‘To Be Worn Again’. This crewneck has the perfect grey colour that I’ve been searching for! It also has a higher neck, which I’ve been loving recently. I also like that the print is different to other printed sweatshirts – the text is slightly higher up and is spread across the chest. The fit is a comfortable oversized.

On my feet I’m wearing my white Nike Air Force 1s and swapped out the original laces with grey laces. Admittedly, I’m still on the fence about the laces as I feel the outfit would’ve worked well (if not better) with the original white laces. The grey laces add an extra detail to what is a pretty plain outfit.

I’ve been trying to accessorise more often so in addition to my usual accessories (belt, necklaces, and rings), I added a silver belt/wallet chain! This £2 chain from eBay gives your outfit some character and brings it to life. The outfit is pretty plain so accessories like the belt chain really make it work.

The overall double denim look

This outfit works so well because of the light grey crewneck that breaks up the slight contrast of the different blue washes. The grey is the perfect colour to wear with mid blue wash denim – the light shade of the grey contrasts nicely with the different blues. The crispy white AF1s are also the ideal choice for this double denim fit due to its simplicity and silhouette. The oversized fit of the jacket and the jeans work best with a more bulky shoe. As well as that, the chain definitely contrasts nicely with the blue denim.

There is definitely a vintage vibe to this look, especially with the high waisted jeans, vintage crewneck, and the bagginess of the whole outfit. After all, double denim was very popular in the 80s/90s. This is why a classic shoe like the Air Force 1 works really well in this. The jeans sit nicely on top of the shoes which balances the shape of the outfit.

I absolutely love this outfit – I think all of the pieces work well together in terms of the fit and colours. It’s definitely an outfit that is out of my comfort zone however that comfort zone is slowly widening. This look shows how comfortable I’ve become in wearing colours other than black, which is perfect as Spring is just around the corner!


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