March Favourites 2018

It’s been a very rainy and cold March down here in Brighton which has meant that I’ve been layering up in hoodies and sweatshirts¬†because Spring who?! There is nothing that makes me want to stay inside more than the miserable English weather, so March saw many hours on Netflix and trips to the Cinema. As well as that, this month, The Weeknd graced us with new music and no doubt I have had it on continuous repeat since…

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February Favourites 2018

While January felt like a whole calendar year long, February seems to have lasted a good two minutes! So what made it into my February favourites? February saw many outfits with colourful shirts in an attempt to add more colour to my wardrobe as the Spring/Summer season approaches. This month, I was also lucky enough to visit The Netherlands on a short trip to Amsterdam. As well as this, I have spent much of February binge-watching teen comedies on Netflix. I know, productive right? Continue reading “February Favourites 2018”

January Favourites

This month has been a busy month for me in terms of University assignments and deadlines but it has also been a month full of bits and pieces that I’ve been loving in fashion, music, and film. Many took advantage of the January sales, but I stayed away and focused on getting rid of clothes before buying new ones. With music, I’ve been listening to my old favourites as well as some new artists I’ve been recommended! When it comes to TV and Film, I’m not much of a film junkie but I can probably out-binge most people – this month, I’ve been loving murder… So let’s talk about my January Favourites! Continue reading “January Favourites”