Spring has Sprung: Wearing Lighter Colours

Though it seems like Winter has lasted forever, Spring is starting to make an appearance with many warmer and drier days. This means that we can finally get rid of our heavy jackets and coats and start wearing lighter and colourful clothing. You don’t want to be that one person wearing all black in 30-degree heat… That used to be me but this year I’m making a conscious effort to wear little to no black in my outfits. So when the sun made even the tiniest of appearances, I got my Spring clothing out!

Ditch the black – wear lighter colours!

This outfit screams Spring and blossoming and warmth with the shades of blue and beige mixing well together to create a balanced combination. Blue has been my favourite colour to wear for a while now, whether it’s navy, royal, or denim blue, its versatility has seen me through many outfits. But I’ve always shied away from lighter colours due to the darker palette of my wardrobe. However, this light blue shirt is easily one of my top picks for this Season – it gives off beach vibes without actually being at the beach. Luckily for me, I live 20 minutes away from one!

This shade of blue is styled best with other lighter colours, like beige for example. Beige is definitely going to feature in a lot of my Spring outfits because it’s light and airy, and just so easy to style once you have a better understanding of which colours work well together. I love the sandy colour of these trousers as they can be paired with both lighter shades and darker, bolder colours too. It’s perfect for Summer! As much as I love wearing black trousers, I’d prefer to not sweat for the next few months.

They said you should wear what you like, so I’m wearing the beach…

This is actually one of the few outfits where I’m wearing little to no black! I’ve spent the past few months experimenting a lot more with colours and shades so I don’t have to rely on black all of the time. This outfit would’ve worked just as well with black trousers and black shoes. Maybe even the same pieces, and just in all black. It still works. But it looks even better when styled with colours that complement each other.

The oceanic blue of the shirt paired with the sandy beige colour of the trousers just reminds me of the beach and ice cream and sunny days! White shoes are an absolute staple in the Summer. Just anything white, to be honest: white tees, white shoes, white socks. The white shoes and tee finish off this Spring look pretty nicely. I literally resemble the beach, but that’s what you get when you live by the seaside!

Are you Spring/Summer ready?

I have so many oversized shirts and sneakers ready for Spring and Summer! It’s a nightmare being stuck with tightly fitted tops in the blistering heat. So keep it light and airy. With trousers, try to find light wash jeans and trousers that aren’t skinny fitting! Who am I kidding? I’m probably going to wear shorts all Summer.

Just remember: light and airy, stay away from dark colours, and invest in a pair of white sneakers!

What I’m Wearing:

Shirt: ASOS
Trousers: Uniqlo
Shoes: Vans

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